Dear Parents,

Welcome to the school academic year. Thank you for choosing our School for your child’s early education. The early childhood years have long been recognized as extremely important in the development of a child. Our field continues to grow as ongoing research supports the difference a quality preschool and rich early childhood experiences can make in your child’s development. We are honored that you trust our preschool to work with you in providing this rich and stimulating school foundation for your child! The warm home environment you provide for your child and ongoing communication with us will ensure that your child continues to grow into his or her own special person.

We provide rich experiences for your child by exposing him or her to exciting and motivating themes and vocabulary in the classroom. We promise to support what you do at home with your child. We will provide ideas and activities for you to do at home with your child as well, throughout the year, to support our themes and concepts. You will receive monthly newsletters that will be posted on the whatsapp group.

I request you to communicate with us when you have any ideas, questions and/or concerns. Working together, we can provide the best possible preschool experience for your child. During the school year, we will have opportunities to discuss how your child is developing at school. Throughout the school year, it will be helpful to keep your school calendar handy to keep informed of upcoming half days or no school days, as they occur.

In closing this letter, I realize there may be a question or two you still have. We look forward to meeting with you on preschool visit day where you will receive more information. Thank you for your ongoing support and involvement. We look forward to a positive, exciting and rewarding school year with you and your child!

Enjoy the extended beautiful summer days with your family!

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