A teacher’s Reflection

Hello Everyone,

In the morning a message popped up on my screen by Shobha ma’am regarding a video liked by Shobha ma’am. That video reminded her of Anand sir. Since it was about latitude and longitude I was very interested, and I’ll tell you why…

*As a social teacher, I was fortunate enough to attend the class when Anand sir was explaining longitude and latitude.*

Would love to share how he actually explains longitude and latitude.

*He calls a child in front and asks him to stand to look towards the blackboard, and asks him to tell where his friend is, say X*, *is sitting. The only condition is u r not allowed to locate the place of X in terms of just left or right!*

*Initially they took time to figure out how to describe the position where X is sitting. But after some time they figured it out all by themselves, and u all will be surprised to know that they actually figured out Grid, longitude and latitude all on their own, without Anand sir providing them with any kind of information!*

 I can’t express you all how much children enjoyed the game of exploration of a brand new topic which actually exists in their textbook.😊

Am fortunate enough to experience how children are deeply thinking to figure out the importance of their lesson – longitude and latitude and in the process, they laugh, enjoy, get all curious,  and finally, they reach their *Eureka moment!* That is the best takeaway for us.

During this unfortunate time of the pandemic, as teachers, we all are missing those connections, those joyful laughs of our children… m also sad that our jobs are being executed by online videos! Though one may feel these days that our profession would be under threat due to the rise of AI and online coaching, I strongly believe that when this pandemic gets all over, we can once again regain our space and do what we do best and in turn, would assert how important it is to have teachers. No AI or online videos can compensate or take over our undeniable place.

From: Shrinjana


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