Dear Teachers,

Congratulations to all of you who have completed online courses & modules. This is a sure sign of
progress for a school. We all know that to be a teacher, we have to be learners first. With a fast-evolving
world, our knowledge has to evolve too, or else, we are sure to become redundant very soon.
In many ways, the lockdown has been a blessing in disguise. It served the purpose of a trailer of a film.
We may like it or not, the film will be released very soon. For many of us, it has woken us up from
slumber to the harsh reality of the adage –  performs or perish.

I am glad that the teachers of Tejasvi have been up to the challenge. Despite our duties at home, and our
time for our family, we have been able to give time to our students and parents too. While appreciation
from parents are very hard to come by (stingy, as we are like people when it comes to appreciating
others, while we expect loads of it for ourselves), we have soldiered on.
And, amidst all of this, you have been able to complete Professional Development courses. I appreciate
your dedication and commitment to the cause of the students and for yourself.


By Anand Sir

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