Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but do so, by the seeds that you sow.

~Robert Louis Stevenson (19th century Novelist)

These days of lockdown are important, probably no less than any other day of your life. You can never discount these days from your life, can you? We may not be able to go outdoors and excel in the jobs that we have, but we surely can sow some seeds indoor, that’ll help us reap a bountiful harvest when we go out. Are you ready to sow seeds?

14 days is a good period to learn something new. Set aside a specific time for this activity, and come what may indulge in it. Explore the deepest recesses, and come out rejuvenated. Learning a new skill or concept adds to the repertoire of your strengths, something, that makes you confident & knowledgeable, which in turn boosts your chances of success.
Persevere by persevering, so that perseverance becomes a habit, and eventually a virtue

#StayHomeStaySafe #LetsEradicateCovid19

By Anand Sir

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