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Your childs first step into schoolling is joy both indescrible and invaluable .Yet, the preschool years are indeed the most crucial for both your child and you. For, these formative years define their entire personality ahead in life. This is why we at Tejasvi encourage development essential skills in children at an early age to help improve their learning ability all through their school life.

As parents, deciding a school for your little one is not a simple task. In any case, it is not an assessment that can be done randomly since future of your child is at bet. The future of a kid depends upon the school that he or she goes into. There are a lot of factors that you think about when picking up the best school to enroll your child.

Understanding your apprehension, we at Tejasvi Vidyaranya take every initiative to ensure that we build a strong foundation for our students. It includes not only academics but character development, life skills, and leadership training. We believe a school is not about modern architecture rather facilities and resources to shape achievers.

  • Tejasvi Vidyaranya is known for its dedication to bring about the best in students. In everything we do, the student comes first. What sets us apart? We create the environment to go beyond the possible.
  • We emphasize on stretching possibilities, because we believe, stretching possibilities is not a thought but an action.
  • We emphasize on stretching personality as we build and provide the right feature to meet the world.
  • We emphasize on stretching intelligence. We just don’t respect it, but also challenge it, in order to get the desired result.
  • We emphasize on stretching strengths as we nurture and enhance it.
  • We emphasize on stretching imagination, as it is the key to learn.


At Tejasvi we believe:


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