About our School

Our Mission

“Providing community Centered, Competitive, holistic education
a value based, secure, process driven work environment
the next generation learners
enable them face global challenges,
in an environment
Where learnability and continuous improvement thrives”

Our core values

What We Strive For

Tejasvi, the best school in Hyderabad for CBSE, aims at a child’s holistic development.

We provide secure and process-driven learning environment

where students imbibe value-based and contemporary education.

They learn to serve the community while indulging in healthy competition.

Values We Live By

Priority to the child

Transparency in all dealings

Honesty to parents

Perseverance to succeed

Team Play to accomplish

Pursuit for excellence in all fields

Amazing Opportunities to Avail

We have several doors through so that students don’t miss that single chance – drama, music, debate, quiz, sports, leadership programs – explore your hidden talents at Tejasvi, the top school in Hyderabad.

Optional Facilities

Students can avail school transport and can also extend stay until 5 pm with prior permission.


Our Campus

Just like our motto, our campus too reflects a perfect blend of traditional Gurukul learning with the best of technological advancements. Come visit our stunning school campus which is nested in a sylvan ambience in the mid of the streets of Habsiguda, a city mixes cosmopolitan style with southern culture and equipped with all the modern equipment

Student Body

Ours is a close-knit community. Within the first month of school each year, virtually every faculty member knows each of our 350 students by name. Our student population represents the diverse mix of Indian culture. Ethnic and cultural diversity abound on our campus. Though our students come from a variety of backgrounds, they all share a common appreciation for the value of good character, hard work, and scholarship.

Parents’ Association at Tejasvi

Like our students, their parents are equally precious to us. A group of enthusiastic parents have volunteered to form the Parents’ Association that takes keen interest in the everyday activities of the school and the children. They regularly monitor the happenings at the school and also conduct meetings to discuss its progress and drawbacks. We at Tejasvi heartily welcome the efforts of these parents and also encourage other like minds to contribute their valuable time and suggestions to our betterment.

Popular Student Activities

All work and no play make any child dull. This is why Tejasvi proudly hosts a wide array of extra-curricular activities for its students to tickle their right brains. Besides sports events and various arts programs, students are always encouraged to find their individual interests in either of the following:

Cooking Classes

Movie Excursions

Trekking& Hiking

Educational trip

Science fairs

Our Academic Director

Mr. Anand Raman’s 13-year association with Tejasvi has made it the top school in Hyderabad. We strive to live by his motto of “living life to its fullest”. All our students are enthused with the same enthusiasm in all their endeavours. Mr. Raman is a former submariner, polyglot, science enthusiast, trekker and marathoner. Having tasted a variety of life experiences, he intends to pass on a hint of each of them to his beloved students. His love for children and learning are his primary educational qualifications. He strongly feels that a child’s growth should be focused on all four life domains– physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Our staff

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